So what do you do?
Tell stories.

Whether that’s through words or visuals (often both), I craft narratives. I work across various disciplines, including poetry, video, illustration, curated experiences –– the message picks the medium.

Bridging creativity and spirituality, I rely on the language of symbolism to understand and reveal the true nature — the kenshō — of this human story. ⁠

As a creative director I have collaborated with mission-driven companies and artists to help bring their stories to life – guiding their brand voice and visual identity. Clients include the Alan Watts Organization, NeueHouse, The Wild Unknown, Conscia, amongst others. More project details: Here

And who are you?
The pixels you’re reading originated in the neurons of Sabrina Y. Smith (that’s me!). I’m currently based in Los Angeles, was born in New York City, raised in France, with my roots in North Africa – a global perspective that I carry throughout my projects.

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