Alan Watts Org

Since discovering his book, “Becoming What You Are” in an attic 15 years ago, Alan Watts has had a deep influence on my spiritual life. So call it serendipity, destiny or cosmic play, working with the Alan Watts Organization has been a true honor and pleasure.

To help the organization preserve the teachings of Alan Watts, while reaching a new generation of seekers, we turned to social media and launched @alanwattsorg. The channel enabled us to share personal anecdotes (from Alan Watts’ son, the organization director Mark Watts) along with archival footage. 

We also partnered with artists and curated contemporary visual interpretations to contextualize Watts’ wisdom for today’s audience. In this way, we’ve been able to authentically highlight Alan Watts’ teachings while also weaving in culturally-relevant themes. Within the first 15 months of launch, the channel grew to a highly engaged global audience of over 100K followers.


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