Martine Ali

Designer Martine Ali approached me to craft a new branding identity for her ever-expanding MA brand of wearable art & jewelry.

We started with the foundational intention behind her creations. Every MA piece is handcrafted with intention and care. Martine Ali has created a uniquely creative and caring environment at the MA studio in New York. Every team member is a unique creative and shines their talent through nurtured growth. Those who proudly wear MA jewelry range from Rhianna to Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar to Robert Pattinson – a mix of creative trailblazers.

To craft a message that would encompass the MA mission, process and ethos, I wanted to develop a language that would be both personal and poetic. It was important for every word to be intentional and meaningful (less is more) and reflect the MA style with an original design.

Once the words were finalized, various layouts were explored to give each MA order a unique touch. To stay true to the handcrafted aspect of the MA brand, each MA order was given a personalized touch. Rubber stamps of every sentence of the brand mission will be created, giving the ability to mix and match phrases and offering each MA customer a unique experience.


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Los Angeles, California