Art Direction

For ‘Ipse Dixit’ by Lorenzo Grasso (2022), the music artist wanted to reflect elements of his native home of Rome, while blending elements from his current desert residence. 

The album contains a stream of consciousness lyrics, expressing intuitive spiritual truths. To convey that aspect, Grasso wanted to include the famous Roman sculpture of La Bocca della Verità, a symbol of truth-telling. To represent the desert, imagery of animal skulls and dream catchers were also incorporated. 

The colors were created from blending various images of the desert sky, to convey the psychedelic nature of the music. 
For Jasmine Tommaso’s album ‘Favole,’ the band wanted to recreate their captivating live stage presence. The location, in Joshua Tree, was outfitted as a traditional Western saloon, featuring wooden decor, taxidermy, and old brothel decor. 

The art direction took inspiration from 1970’s full-band performances with black and white classic photography. The album design is also rooted in that era, with a 70’s funky typography.


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