Neptune Frost: 
Saul Williams & Anisia Uzeyman

As a follow up to my installation for Poetry Month at NeueHouse, I wanted to explore the various ways poetry can be expressed, including on film.

I curated a special screening of the film Neptune Frost, followed by an intimate conversation with co-directors Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman. In anticipation of the film’s theatrical release, the event took place in May 2022 at NeueHouse Hollywood.

Filmed in Rwanda, Neptune Frost tells the story of a cosmic romance between an intersex hacker and a coltan miner that seeds revolution. Multidisciplinary artist Saul Williams brings his unique dynamism to this singular Afroturist vision, a sci-fi musical that’s a visually wondrous amalgamation of themes that Williams has explored in his work, notably his 2016 album Martyrloserking. Co-directed by the Rwandan-born artist Anisia Uzeyman.

The conversation we shared at NeueHouse was profound and enriching— spanning poetry, ancestry and ecology. The insight and ideas shared that night continue to inspire and challenge me.

“If the power is in the soil, and the people walk, sleep, and eat on this land, and bury their dead in this land… does the power come from the people they’ve buried?? Are our ancestors allowing this wireless communication?!”

—  Saul Williams

Watch video snippets of our conversation


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