NeueHouse x Poetry Month

I curated a selection of my favorite poems for NeueHouse to celebrate National Poetry Month.

The handwritten poems are available for all members and guests at NeueHouse Hollywood and NeueHouse Bradbury in Los Angeles during the month of April 2022.

I selected a wide range of American poets – ranging across gender, ethnicity, and age – to offer a diverse experience of poetry for the Neuehouse community.

Selected poets include Joy Harjo, Jericho Brown, Andrea Cohen, Hala Alyan, Audre Lorde, Charles Bukowski, Mary Oliver, Janaka Stucky, Ellen Bass, Kaveh Akbar, Ada Limon, Toni Morrison, D.A Powell, Gwendolyn Brooks and Anne Sexton.

Special members received their poem in a wax-sealed envelope and four members will win a free Kenshō Spiral Tote.


Kenshō studio offers creative services to culture-makers, across art, music, film and philanthropy. 



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Los Angeles, California