Conscia is a natural haircare line offering the first salon-grade, waterless, soap-free, and plastic-free hair products. From sourcing local organic ingredients to embodying a zero waste culture, Conscia is forging a new path for environmental wellness.

In order to further highlight and elevate Conscia’s sustainability mission, I wanted to create an environmentally-conscious social strategy. A rarely known fact about social media is the devastating impact it has on our planet – for example, each piece of content shared requires exorbitant amounts of water and energy (often fossil-fueled) to keep the data centers cool.

Integrating this new knowledge into the digital strategy, we leaned towards more energy-efficient mediums (photos instead of videos for example) and focused on solely sharing educational and impactful content @conscia.life. Every image and word serves a purpose: providing approachable environmental and health tips as well as community giveback actions.

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