Mourning Surf

Founded by dancer and professor, J’aime Morrison, Mourning Surf offers movement workshops to support the grief process.

This project was unlike any other because developing the branding meant diving deep into J’aime’s intimate story of grief and her personal mourning process after the loss of her husband. Her personal experience is what propelled her to launch Mourning Surf and it naturally became the foundation for my branding inspiration.

The brand colors originated from the sunrise tones over the Pacific, where J’aime found personal solace during her journey, representing the possibilities of a new day. The chosen fine and curvy fonts convey movement (central offering) and femininity (the audience is women). The brand’s tone and language – based on honesty and empathy – stem from J’aime Morrison’s personal story and workshop approach.

Weaving her journey as a dancer, choreographer and somatic educator and incorporating her award-winning short film Upwell offered context to the world of Mourning Surf. We chose to take a modern visual approach to an eternal topic of death and grief – weaving in universal symbols along with J’aime’s personal narrative – creating a unique and recognizable visual language.

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