Tasting Color

A Seven Senses Feast

Green Edition

May 25 + 26, 2024,
Los Angeles, California

TASTING COLOR by Seven Senses is a sensorial dinner series, each curated to explore a specific color. This first edition will journey through the color Green. Bringing together local artists, artisans and makers, Tasting Color is a creative collaboration between food, design, art, and music.

The experience is curated by Sabrina Y. Smith, founder of Kenshō studio and the creator of the newsletter Seven Senses, which explores cultural themes through sensory recommendations. 

Seven Senses published a color issue featuring Sophie Calle’s ‘Monochromatic Diet’ photo series, which was inspired by a fictional character in Paul Auster’s novel ‘Leviathan,’ who only ate color-coordinated meals. 

The three-course green menu* is created by Chef Tracy Tober, whose cooking portfolio includes collaborations and commissions with The Food Network, Cookbook Market and chefs Sonoko Sakai, Gordon Ramsay, Lora Zarubin, and Grace Bush-Vineberg.

The food will be presented on green ceramics by Salt Ceramics, with drinks served in hand-blown glass by Cedric Mitchell. Guests will take home a surprise artwork, as well as a green artisanal fragrance by D.Grayi.
The event will be hosted by Sabrina Y. Smith in collaboration with Josh Janowicz (Jōdo sake bar, opening Summer 2024). 

This sensory experience will be held at a private space in Los Angeles on May 25th and May 26th, 2024.  

* The meal will be vegetarian, and contain nuts, dairy, and gluten

* Drinks include: 1 cocktail, 2 wines, and 1 digestif (non alcoholic options will be available)

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Los Angeles, California